The average person produces about 4 pounds of trash per day. The average person in Bryan-College Station produces about 10 pounds of trash per day, more than double the national average! Take that 10 pounds and multiply it by the 160,000 people roughly in the area and you get 1,600,000 pounds of trash per day! Now that’s a lot of stuff! So where does it all go? Most people stop thinking about their garbage as soon as it’s plopped at the end of the driveway. From there, the trash is picked up and thrown into the local landfill. When a landfill is created, that land can never be used again for anything else. College Station’s current landfill is full and a new location has been decided on, which ultimately costs taxpayers.

College Station’s recycling program can help eliminate the millions of pounds of waste being thrown into the new landfill every day, all it requires is a small effort on your part. Almost everything that you throw away can be recycled into a new product. Just think of how many pounds of products never have to see a landfill because they are constantly being recycled and used for something new. Now that’s sustainable living! All you have to do is visit College Station’s recycling website to find out how to get started. It’s easy, convenient, and there are some great benefits to participating!