A better name for this blog might be “Feeling Like A Kid Again”, because I haven’t played laser tag since I was a teenager.

But a couple of weeks ago, I found myself suiting up (which consisted of three red buzzers Velcro-ed to a headband that was attached to my gun) at Aggieland War Games after a long day of meetings to pit coworker-against-coworker. We had a group of 12 that split nicely into two teams. It was a good size for the facility and gave us a lot of room to sneak around without being on top of each other, but we probably could have gone up by a few people and still been able to find our own hiding places.

I think I was never super enthusiastic about laser tag because I didn’t find much joy in arbitrarily shooting my friends, but this was different. This was tactical laser tag. There was a mission. A purpose.

Yes, there was a warm-up where you just tried to shoot people on the other team, and the last exercise was a “last-man-standing” exercise (that I definitely didn’t win), but most of the hour was filled with a variety of missions that required strategy and teamwork.

During one mission, the teams had to locate a briefcase with a “bomb” inside. The team that ended up with the bomb on their side of the course lost. I have to say, I did pretty great on this one. The other team found the briefcase first, but I found the person carrying it, eliminated them, stole the briefcase and got it to a team member who then hid with it until time almost ran out.

There were other team challenges such as guarding a target on your team’s side of the playing field, while trying to shoot the other team’s target and keeping a touchpad lit up with your team’s color the longest. The staff was great about explaining all of the rules and keeping the game's light and fun.

As an added bonus, it’s a pretty good workout. One of the staff members said people average over 4,000 steps in an hour-long session. On that note, my coworkers have a tip for you: Pencil in time after the games for a shower.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, Aggieland War Games is open Wednesday through Sunday for open play. Check their website for hours. They do take walk-ins, but if you have a larger group, it’s probably best to call and book ahead. Their phone number is 979-431-4327.

Happy tagging!