Kick off July at First Friday in Downtown Bryan.  As we near the mid-point of the summer, First Friday will serve as a nice break from the norm.

Come enjoy the animated film “Over the Hedge” at Sale Park.  As a bonus, Madden’s Restaurant will bring out the truckload of food, ready to fill your appetite!  It’s dinner & a movie made easy.

For something classic & adventurous, check out the horse-drawn carriage rides.  They’ll provide a tour of Downtown Bryan complete with historical facts about the area & local businesses.  The weather will certainly be tolerable for the rides as they’re scheduled from 7-10 in the evening.

First Friday will be a great setting, whether you’re asking that special someone out on a date, looking to spend some quality time, or interested in meeting friendly locals.  Get the further details on the VisitAggieland calendar.