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Loupot's Bookstore - University Center

Judson E. Loupot, Sr. (1910-1995) is the spirit of Loupot's Bookstores. Aggies and local residents knew him affectionately as "Old Army Lou class of '32." With his roommate, future Congressman Olin E. (Tiger) Teague, he started a business in their dorm room selling used books and clothing. School officials expressed their displeasure with this arrangement, so friends built a structure at the Northgate and soon business was underway at "Loupot's Trading Post." The Lou Legend is based on his used book business. Never forgetting the financial crisis of his student years, Loupot went out of way to help others. He had a generous habit of lending money and feeding hungry Aggies. The legend includes stories of rides to the out of town games, wild business ventures and kidnappings of rival team mascots.
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