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War Hymn Statue TAMU Kyle Field 12th Man

Experience Bryan College Station

March Madness

Being sports fanatics here at Experience Bryan College Station, we can imagine the withdrawals many of you are having as a result of the NCAA’s March Madness being cancelled. In lieu of this devastating news, we decided to develop our own version of March Madness using local restaurants, attractions, shopping, and events. 

Similar to the NCAA tournament, all of these destinations, attractions, and events are seeded. (Please note that these seedings were totally random and given the circumstances, it was quite impossible to include every awesome attraction and event that Bryan College Station has to offer). Not only is this a fun opportunity to fill the void in our hearts from not having the ability to participate in the NCAA’s March Madness, but is also an opportunity for you to voice your opinion and let us know why x, y, or z is the best thing to do in Bryan College Station. 

From now until the end of March we will be conducting polls on our Facebook and Twitter pages that allow you to vote for your favorites. There will be multiple polls happening each day so be sure to check back periodically to see what match-up is happening. As you cast your votes, take some time to share with us your rationale: Why is the Dixie Chicken your favorite place to eat? What makes the Wine and Roses Festival so fun? 

Take this as an opportunity to pass the time while you’re participating in social distancing and enjoy some good ol’ fashioned competitive fun. We can’t wait to see your picks! 1, 2, 3… GO!

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the bracket