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Sports Events Team

Think of Kindra, John, Dominique, Katie and Bishop as YOUR All-Star Team. We are a friendly and responsive team of professionals who understand how time consuming organizing and managing sports events can be. By choosing a member of our Sports + Event staff to help you plan your next event, you can save valuable time and cut costs.

We offer services to help facilitate group hotel rates, facility rentals, sponsorship deals and much more, just ask. Utilize our extensive destination knowledge and established relationships within the community to help organize the best possible event in Bryan College Station.

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Kindra Headshot Kindra Headshot

Kindra Fry


About Kindra:

Growing up Kindra always had a love for the circus and she always dreamed of being in the flying trapeze show.  She took that love to the maximum as she flew through the air as a collegiate cheerleader, learning what it was like to put your life in someone else’s hands (scary!).  Kindra never (really, never) enjoyed the clowns much, they were just too unorganized and scattered for her.  However, she became a clown wrangler with having three clowns of her own at home: husband, Matt, daughter, Riley and son, Ethan.  Her thoughts of clowns have been completely changed because they taught Kindra all about juggling (which was something she always wanted to learn).  Kindra’s juggling skills have been mastered with the two smallest clowns’ sports events and activities, being a wife, managing events and just being in the sports event industry.  She would not trade this experience for the world.  Kindra’s love for the circus has grown exponentially.  So much so, in her 17 years in the sports tourism industry, Kindra gets to be the Ring Master and has the fun of managing the three ring circus every day in her favorite place, Bryan College Station.

John Head Shot John Head Shot

John Friebele

Vice President

About John:

John’s first sport? Gymnastics. Yes, at one point flexibility and strength existed in his body. But, at 5 years old, he made the decision to become a multi-sport athlete and took on baseball with basketball, football, and golf (low score of 102 translated to JV in his senior year of high school) to follow in subsequent years. While he no longer competed in gymnastics, he was always one of the few on his teams to touch the floor during stretches. This passion for multiple sports led him to a degree at Texas A&M in Sport Management where he discovered the opportunity as an intern of working for the destination in the sports realm. After graduation, he took his talents to South Houston (Sugar Land, specifically) and operated recreational leagues for the community of New Territory. After a year-and-a-half, he returned to Bryan College Station where he has worked on behalf of the sports destination since 2012. He continues to impress (mostly his wife and parents) in community softball leagues, pickup basketball games, and any other multitude of sports he attempts to play. It is his range of experience in various sports that has led to success with BCS Sports + Events. While he is past his prime, if there ever was a point, he still enjoys travelling, using any remaining flexibility in saltwater fishing, and practicing for competitive eating. Let him put this experience to work for you during your next event.

Dominique Powell Dominique Powell

Dominique Powell

Director of Sports + Events

About Dominique:

When it comes to the sports industry, Dominique is a self-proclaimed “Legend.” Between a love for his alma mater, Texas A&M University, and his Hall of Fame status in playing Intramural and City league Championships, Dominique knows a thing or two about sports. As the Director of Sports and Events, he brings over 10 years of event experience to the team with over 6 years in Sports Marketing and Sales.  Dominique has run local, regional, national, international, amateur and collegiate events of all types. If you can play it, Dom wants to beat you at it and then host it in Bryan College Station. He is quoted as saying “I want to show the universe that Bryan College Station is the ideal place to host your sporting events because I know those other planets have events too and ours are better.” When Dominique is not at work making your event a success, he is usually traveling with friends and family or trying some unhealthy culinary treat!

Katie Headshot Katie Headshot

Katie Paschal

Sports Services Manager

Bishop Turon Headshot

Bishop Turon

Sports Marketing Manager